Mentor Program


The Motor Vehicles Managers and Supervisors Association has established a mentor program for DMV employees. A mentor serves as a role model and following is a description of duties and responsibilities.

  • Provides career development information
  • Build a person's sense of self and increases their sense of belonging
  • Imparts organization and occupational skills information
  • Imparts knowledge and skills needed to perform ones job


For the Department:

  • Develops human resources
  • Increases employees productivity
  • Furthers the mission of the Department

For the Mentor:

  • Uses manpower for tasks and special projects
  • Enhances EEO responsibilities
  • Instills a commitment to excellence
  • Fosters a sense of personal accomplishment

For the Mentoree:

  • Provides opportunities for enhanced work experiences
  • Challenges to be upwardly mobile
  • Instills pride in the organization
  • Develops a "TEAM" spirit
  • Job satisfaction
  • Network with positive role Models
  • Coming real soon Manager II and III Study Guide. Be ready !!