Vice-President's Corner

November 4, 2021

Fellow MVMSA Members,

There is no doubt that the past two years have exacted a heavy toll on many of us directly, and indirectly through the employees and the department that we support. Times have been trying. Throughout these trying times we have maintained; we have maintained integrity, we have maintained resilience, we have maintained our ability to be dependable, in short we have maintained our roles as members of the Managers and Supervisors Association with grace in the face of uncertainty. However, the setbacks of the global pandemic are not forever, and rest assured we will get back to some form of normalcy at some point, it may not be the normalcy we are used to, but we will achieve a normalcy, and it will be welcome.

This is my first election to the role of Vice President of the MVMSA, although I have been a member for my entire tenure as a supervisor and manager, which is the better part of my career with the State. Over that time period, I witnessed the MVMSA organization be an active, informative, and assistive organization for its membership, and I have witnessed the organization at the other end of that spectrum. I look forward to all of us continuing to move MVMSA forward, taking on the challenge of today while working to understand and face the challenge of tomorrow. I look forward to MVMSA continuing the work that benefits you, the individual member. Finally, I look forward to being a contributing member of the organization that represents, in my view, the very best people with whom I have had the opportunity to work. I look forward to serving.

Sjon Woodlyn