Vice-President's Corner

December 19, 2008

Welcome to our new Website!

Frank Ramirez from the DMV Web Team has assisted with updating our Website and we hope to make it better as time goes by. We are in the process of updating all areas of the Website so you may see outdated material. Please let us know when this occurs.

Over the years MVMSA has represented and assisted our members, as well as all DMV Managers, Supervisors, and Confidential Employees, through good times and not so good times.

As you have already heard, read, or been advised, the next 18 months may be one of the not-so- good periods. Due to current and projected budget shortfalls that California may encounter there are proposals from the current administration to: seek the furlough of state workers two days a month for 18 months; eliminate two current paid holidays; end overtime pay for holiday work; and reduce overtime compensation. In addition, there also may be other proposals to deal with the deficit that will affect us as state employees and citizens, e.g. sales tax increase, raising other user fees, etc. Other information indicates that layoffs may also be required.

Many years have started with budgets shortfalls and problems. Some of you may remember the early 1990s when a similar situation occurred and similar proposals were implemented. It was not a pretty time, but we all managed to come through in fairly good shape.

It is not currently known which proposals will be placed into operation, and when. Positions covered by collective bargaining will require legislation, contract modifications, and/or executive orders to implement most of the proposals including those relating to pay. Also unknown is when managers and supervisors will be affected by the proposals. The Governor has the authority to implement any changes without waiting for positions excluded from bargaining. We should all brace for the worst and plan for the proposals effect as best we can.

Please be assured that the MVMSA Board and Reps will continue representing you and your needs, and reporting any changes as we hear about them. We will have our consultants doing the same. If there is anything that the Board or Area Representatives can assist you with during these difficult times, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, or by using the contact mail area on the Homepage of

I wish us all the best of luck.

BRUCE BROWN, Vice-President