MVMSA Membership – What Do You Get?

Membership in a great organization which has great members.  Ask your co-workers who are managers and supervisors to see how many are MVMSA members.  We are continuing to recruit and working to make MVMSA better for all.

MVMSA Area Representatives and Board Members are always available and ready to assist with your member or departmental needs.  Throughout the history of the association, member's needs and issues have always been the number one priority of your elected representatives.

Access to MVMSA’s Mentor Program.  The program is designed to assist interested members with direction and information on Manager or Supervisor performance criteria, career building and promotional opportunities within the department.

Access to information affecting membership and departmental issues.  Area Representatives and Executive Board Members are well trained and connected to advise members or assist with problem resolution in departmental, career, or personal areas.

Free Term Life Insurance Policy.  With your membership, you are automatically enrolled for $10,000 term-life coverage. Please complete and return the Life Insurance Policy Beneficiary Designation Form.
Important: Effective June 1, 2015, retirees are no longer covered.

Member Benefit Discounts!

Regional (Area) Association Meetings.  Meetings held in your area to provide timely information regarding issues which are important to us as supervisors, managers, and members.  All managers and supervisors are welcome. Members are entitled to reduced rates for meals or lodging, when the event includes those activities.

Advocacy and Advisement.  Hughes Svetich Associates (HSA) has over 30 years of experience in labor relations and related activities in the public sector.  They will provide the following benefits to our members:  “Meet and Confer” and representational support on behalf of our members with the State; organization and member representation in grievances, disciplinary appeals and other work-related claims and appeals; member and leadership education and training on different phases of adverse actions.

AFLAC Insurance Coverage.  AFLAC provides several different plans. Select this link for AFLAC Insurance Coverage information (PDF).

Annual Conference for current and retired members.  The MVMSA Annual Conference is held in different locations within the state, typically on a rotational basis between northern, central and southern parts of the state.  The conference is held to provide training, social functions, and information sessions for current and retired members.   Conferences typically include participation by the DMV Director, Deputy Directors, project leaders and/or outside specialists.